There may  not be a single thing more important to the building of generational wealth than timely and accurate successions. We encourage people to have a succession completed as soon as they are able to recover from the grief of losing a loved one. Several issues can arise when handling the estate of a beloved one. The longer you wait, the more complicated the matter can become. 


  • Lost or missing heirs and family members
  • New or unexpected claims of heirship
  • Disagreements over selling or keeping property
  • Disagreements over validity of a will
  • Disagreements over who may inherit
  • Lost or missing wills
  • Complex estate holdings
  • Claims by creditors

If not resolved, these issues can pass from generation to generation and become more complicated and expensive to resolve.

Why pass these problems on to your children?


Low cost options

Small Successions.

Louisiana now provides a Small Succession process that allows the handling of qualifying successions with paperwork only. No judges or courtrooms necessary. This allows the succession to be completed with minimal expenses. Most can be handled for a cost under $1000.00.


Simple Successions

The next level up is a Simple Succession. It may not be small - but still simple! Qualifying successions have to use the judicial process. But, there is little or no courtroom time needed. This allows the succession to be completed with a very manageable cost. Most can be completed for less than $2000. 





The attorneys of Dassau & Coleman Law Firm can help you in all matters of your succession. We can help resolve disputes, appoint administrators and executors, and guide you through the process of Louisiana successions. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on your particular circumstances and our advise on how to best proceed.